Microsoft Access Developer

For the last 30 years or so I have developed and used MS Access databases in my daily work. I have built a few databases for other companies as well. I recently took more on-line classes to improve my programming ability.

I am offering my services to help if you are out-growing your spreadsheet and would like to create a better method of data entry, storage, and viewing than a spread sheet will allow.

I also developed an Inventory control database, including customer contacts, sales orders , quotes, purchase orders, returns and more. It is in beta stage and I am willing to let a user have a copy if they will use it in their small business and help work out any errors I’ve overlooked, and suggest improvements. Example screenshots below.

Main form, search for a customer to see the latest contact information. Enter new contact information or go to other forms.
Customer form, add and maintain customer information.
Inventory transaction form, move items into or out of inventory while maintaining a transaction history.

You need to have a copy of MS access to run the program. or possible Access runtime version but we will have to work with out the kinks. The good news is if you are subscribing to MS Office 365 on line you already have the Access Program to work with! I have attempted to make this database adaptable to new businesses. If you are interested in trying it for your small business send me an Email.

If you are a new Access user and are developing your own database I congratulate you! Need a mentor? email me I would love to help. krecordspublic@ or here at

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