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Snail Mail:  PO Box 107 North Powder, Oregon 97867

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  1. hi Kirby Its Tom i did the clinics at Anthony Lakes last weekend .I pick up a copy of Missy Mack learns to ski at the mountain. I didn,t look to see who had written it.I just thought cool a book for and about kids learning to ski.Seeing your creative side enplanes a lot about how you and Shane connected chopsticks and wedges so well. My movement analysis skills are not instant I have some thought about your skiing and how to get it to level3 .I don’t know if this is the best format to share it( to public?) Feel free to call me AM is best I am up at 6 AM Alaska time . or if this format is OK let me know. I love Missy mack learns to ski. Its great how it touches family tradition as well as learning to ski
    .I sent Eric a emial his is the only contact I have with ideas on how most of you can get closer to you all’s goals if it easyer to ask him thats cool or call me


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